Skips South Dublin – A Tragic Traveller’s Knot

A place where memories are made of great fun and sun, Skips South Dublin is a quaint little lane on the outskirts of Derryl Crossing that is famous as a venue for traditional music events. It’s also a great place to go shopping, with plenty of independent shops selling all kinds of goods from crafts and trinkets to antiques, jewelry and clothes. This bustling little village draws many visitors to come stay a while and enjoy the atmosphere. But even if you don’t plan to make it to Skips South Dublin during your holidays in Ireland, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience this fascinating little district on a visit to Dublin.

skips south Dublin

The village is tucked away in the shadows of the Claddagh Mountains and is surrounded by some beautiful scenery. On any visit to the area you can expect to see some interesting wildlife, including deer, wild boars, elk, mountain goats, and moose. There are beautiful gardens bursting with colorful flowers, fruit trees, and orchids. A number of boutique hotels line the village’s main road, while some even have their own restaurants.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Skips is the place for you. Get up early on any Sunday morning to catch sight of the manmade wildlife in the area, including the odd fox and rabbit. If you like water sports, take your boat out on the Arraba River or go on a bike ride through one of the many scenic trails. Be sure to stop by at the Art Gallery in the village to check out some of the incredible work by local artists.

The Arts Council of Ireland awards this beautiful village with an arts council prize each year. In partnership with the National Gallery of Ireland, the Arts Council of Ireland selected this village as one of twelve locations across Ireland, which receive a certificate based on arts tourism. A great reason to visit Skips is the Egg Awards, a festival of emerging Irish talent held every May. The Egg Awards recognises exceptional talent in the visual arts, including theatre, film, dance, visual arts and design. Each year over 300 young artists from all over the country attend the Egg Awards in Limerick. The award is also presented to the best performing artistic team in the county.

A lovely place to visit in the summer is the Avon Valley. It is a picturesque area, full of quaint shops and charming country homes. If you enjoy the peace and quiet, this village is the perfect location to purchase some gorgeous countryside scenes. Take a walk in the Botanical Gardens or take a bike tour of the area.

In addition to the cultural attractions, Skips has a lot of things to offer. If you love playing in the water, Skips is the perfect place for you. There are many places to play in the natural environment, including boating, fishing and walking. If you want to shop, there are a number of large shopping centers around the village. Many local schools have been transformed into unique learning spaces, complete with art studios, music rooms and classrooms. This is one of the most vibrant communities in Ireland, located within an hour from the capital.

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